Monday, 20 March 2017

Goodnight, Numbers: A Bedtime Tale about Numbers – Book Review

Danica McKellar’s “Goodnight, Numbers” is not just another children’s picture book written by a celebrity. McKellar is not just a celebrity; she is also a mother and a mathematician who knows exactly how to introduce the complex world of numbers to a toddler or young child.

“Goodnight, Numbers,” which hit the bookstores on March 7, has already become popular among parents and their young children. Parents and grandparents have purchased several copies of it for their children and grandchildren, and the little ones have demanded that it should be read to them dozens of times.

What makes “Goodnight, Numbers” an ideal bedtime story for your children?

ü  The illustrations are soft, beautiful, romantic, and soothing.
ü  The young reader can easily point to pictures of familiar things on its pages, say their names out loud, and count them.
ü  Parents can use the book not only to teach their children numbers but also reading.
ü  The words and the pictures can fire your child’s imagination, leading him/her to spin stories of his/her own.
ü  The book ends with a beautiful letter from McKellar along with her signature.

During the first week of March, the 42-year-old actress turned children's writer, spent a lot of time promoting her book. She stopped at AOL's BUILDS Series and SiriusXM Studio to talk about "Goodnight, Numbers," which she had written to make numbers appear fun for children.

She appeared live for AOL's BUILD Series and said: "My mission is to make sure that kids see math as fun and friendly." She then proceeded to launch her book in partnership with Mathnasium, the National Museum of Mathematics, and the MOMS.

McKellar has also written "Kiss my Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss," "Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape," "Hot X: Algebra Exposed," and "Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Break a Nail."

“Goodnight, Numbers” is available in both the Kindle and hardcover formats. It is meant for children in the age group of 2 - 5 and has 35 pages in its hardcover format. The book was published by Crown Books for Young Readers (March 7, 2017) and is written in English. Unfortunately, the Kindle edition is not available in India.

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