Friday, 6 January 2017

Personalized Storybooks – Benefits of Personalized Storybooks for Children

Everybody loves seeing his/her name or photo in print, and children are no exception to this rule. A child will be overwhelmed with delight and excitement if she sees herself in a story, and this is the reason personalized story books for babies, toddlers, young children, and even adults are selling like hot cakes these days.

In other words, kids love personalized books! 

Choose with Care

Choose your personalized storybooks with care. Some companies just insert a child’s name into a story and add no more personal touches. This is the simplest variety of personalized storybook and is not that desirable.

You want a personalized storybook that is truly personalized. Personalization is not just inserting a child’s name into a chunk of text. The child should be made the hero or heroine of the story and the illustrations should feature your child.
The best personalized storybooks for children have brilliant and impressive illustrations. They tell stories that are truly amazing. For example, they can tell the story of how animals bring each letter of your child’s name and create rhymes with it. Or a story may lead your child into a fairy palace where she sees a portrait of herself hanging on the wall in the princess’s bedchamber.

While choosing a personalized storybook for your child, consider factors such as age, interests, and gender. Remember that a good personalized storybook features not only the child, but also her parents, family members, friends, and pets. It is also set in the child’s hometown, school, or home.

Benefits of Personalized Storybooks

So what are the differences between a personalized storybook and an ordinary storybook? Both are capable of making children happy, but the former quickly earns a special place in the child’s heart.

·         Personalized storybooks boost children’s self-esteem and make them feel special, loved, and wanted.
·         Giving your child a personalized storybook helps him recognize the letters of his name and even read and spell it.
·         They can make your child fall in love with books.
·         A personalized storybook can turn out to be the most cherished book in your child’s library, one that he will keep for years and years.
·         They are great for children with short attention spans as they can capture a child’s attention as no other type of storybook can.
·         They can take your child into a different world, where they can let their imagination go wild. This in turn improves their analytical and creative thinking abilities.
·         When she sees herself accomplish great feats in the book, she will develop a positive opinion of herself.

So you really don’t have to think twice about creating a library of personalized storybooks for your child.

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