Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Download Free Children’s Books at Free Kids Books

You don’t always have to buy books for your children as there are plenty of free books that are just waiting to be downloaded on the Internet.

If you try searching for free children's books online, Free Kids Books is one website that you cannot miss. You will be amazed at the large collection of free children's books on this site, and they are all excellent books written by talented authors. You can either read them online or download them as PDF files.

And once you have downloaded the books in PDF, you can do any of the following with them:

1. Print them and either staple the pages together or store them in a folder.
2. Read them on your e-reader or tablet.
3. Print the pages and ask your child to color them.
4. Purchase a hard copy if your child likes it a lot. Hard copies of most of the free books are available for purchase.

Free Kids Books brings together parents and writers of children’s books, thereby benefiting both parties. You can either download a free book for your children or submit your own children’s book to the site.

Download Free Children’s Books

Free Kids Books has arranged their free books in separate categories for toddlers, children, and young adults (under 12). The toddlers’ books have plenty of pictures and very few words. The children’s books have plenty of words and few pictures. The young adults’ books hardly have any pictures and are divided into chapters. Since young adults’ books are meant for children below 12, they are free of objectionable content.

And the books are really free. There is absolutely no catch involved. If you like a book you have downloaded, you can leave your feedback under the review tab to let the author know that you have enjoyed his/her book. You can also like Free Kids Books on Facebook or tell your friends about it.

Submit Your Children’s Book

Free Kids Books is not only a useful site for parents, but also for writers and illustrators of children's books. Authors of children's books can submit a book to Free Kids Books.

If you want to do so, send them an email with the subject "FREE KIDS BOOK SUBMISSION" and include in the body of your email your website address, a PDF copy of your book or the download link if it is too large, a brief description of your book, quotes from any reviews of your book, and anything else of interest.

They usually respond in a couple of weeks. In case you don't get a response, you can leave them a message either on their main website Red Sky Ventures or on their Facebook Page.

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