Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Williams’ latest book The Midnight Gang grabs attention

Although he claims that he never really wanted to become a children’s writer, but only wanted to be a television comedian, David Williams’ children’s books have already attracted attention. In 2008, his first children’s book, “The Boy in the Dress,” which dealt with the sensitive subject of cross-dressing, hit the shelves.

Talking to CNBC about television comedians writing books, he said that many of the comedians he had admired as a child were also writers. He said that he could have become a writer just to be a comedian and then realized that, to him, writing turned out to be more creative than performing.

When Williams released “The Boy in the Dress” in 2008, people weren’t exactly open to the idea of cross dressing. In spite of that, readers received his book well and that encouraged him to write more children’s books. The year 2014 witnessed him as one of the top selling authors of children’s books in the UK. According to stats at The Bookseller, his books generated more than £7 million that year.

William’s compares writing books to climbing mountains. When one is at the bottom of a mountain, one feels that one cannot possibly reach its peak. But things get easier when one is halfway up the mountain.

His latest children’s book, “The Midnight Gang,” is all about teamwork and he hopes that it carries a valuable message for children. The book is about Tom who goes to a “posh boarding school.” One day, a cricket ball knocks him unconscious. He regains consciousness at Lord Funt Hospital and discovers that a weary nurse and a wicked matron are taking care of him.

The book has a generous dose of wacky humor, but impresses readers with the way Williams depicts the relationship of Tom with the other inmates of the children’s ward. Through Tom, readers get to meet a boy who has just had an eye operation and a girl who is terminally ill, among others. The children wander into forbidden parts of the old hospital in the dead of midnight and have some thrilling adventures.

The world of children’s literature feels that Williams has ideas for many more books in his head. It is hoped that he may write something for adults in the near future. So far, he has written 8 books for children and more than 30 million copies have been sold. 

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