Friday, 30 December 2016

Board books – tear proof books for babies and toddlers

We all know that babies, toddlers, and sometimes even older children love tearing books. The sound of tearing paper is one of the loveliest things in the world for the little ones although we adults beg to differ. In this case, is it worth buying baby a book? Anyway, baby can’t read and you don’t want baby to learn the joys of tearing books. You want her to learn the joys of reading them. The solution is simple: get a board book. Believe me your baby will love you for it.

So what is a board book? 

It is simply a book made of thick paperboard. Instead of paper that can be easily torn off by a fun-loving toddler, a board book has thick paperboard for its inner and cover pages. Each page has at least two plies of thickness.

In fact, board books are made especially for babies, toddlers, and infants. Since their corners are rounded, your little ones won’t hurt their delicate fingers. You child can easily handle the book. She will love turning its thick pages over and over and over again just to see the different worlds each page depicts. And it doesn’t matter even if your child spills food on it because you can easily clean the pages. To put it very simply, the board book is made for rough use.

Just have a look at this amazing information on board books.
  •   The idea is not that new because Europeans in the thirteenth century used wooden tablets to teach the alphabet to little children.
  • Erasmus, a Dutch social critic and humanist, noted in the early sixteenth century that visual imagery is a powerful teaching tool.
  • Ever since the sixteenth century, England has been using hornbooks, which are wooden tablets covered with thin sheets made of animal horns, to teach simple lessons to young children.
  • In 1746, Benjamin Collins created battledores, which were lessons printed on thick foldable paperboard.
  • The credit of developing the board book as a genre in its own class goes to Helen Oxenbury, a writer and illustrator. She created popular board books such as Pipp and First Picture Books in the early eighties.
  • The board books of Sandra Boynton enjoyed great popularity for several generations. Some of her best board books were The Going to Bed Book; Blue Hat, Green Hat; and Moo, Ba, La La La!
People all over the world are slowly realizing the benefits of gifting board books to babies or toddlers.

Gift a board book to a little one today and watch him as he explores it and discovers the delightful pictures it holds. Listen to her joyful squeals as she recognizes a familiar object, animal, or character. Watch him bang the book with his hands just to listen to the sound it makes. There is no need to pull the book away from her even if she puts it in her mouth and tries to chew its rounded corners. She can even drool on it if she likes. And if he comes up to you with the book, take him on your lap and read the book to him. He may even want you to make the sounds of the animals in the book.

Enjoy the board book with your child!

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